Hi There

I am Mari (pronounced Mary)! I am a lifestyle photographer in Middle Tennessee. I’ve been formally behind the camera for three years, but all my life I have been the girl handed the camera. I was gifted my first professional camera when I graduated high school and now five years later, have completely fallen in love with photography.

My grandma (whom my middle name ‘Lynn’ comes from) has a tradition of getting every grandchild a t-shirt quilt as their high school grad gift. In moving the summer before my senior year, we lost the bag my t-shirts were in, and I am sure she spent all year trying to decide what to gift me. To say I was shocked when I opened a camera the morning of my graduation party would be an understatement. I tell her often that getting the camera instead of a quilt was the best gift I have ever received. The world shut down one year later, and during my time laid off from work, I watched any and every free educational video on photography available and learned how to use that camera, pose/prompt people, and spent forever determining my “editing style”. I took pictures of anyone that would let me during quarantine and made it my mission to grow in this skill. It has been four years since then, and they have been marked by growth in every area and so full of learning. With each session, I fall more in love with photography and the connections it allows me to create with people in front of my camera. What a gift it is to be entrusted with your precious memories; a privilege that I do not take for granted. Photography is storytelling, and my aim is to capture the sweetest moments and freeze them into memories that you can look back on this season for years to come. 

When I am not at the church I work for or with my camera in hand, you can find me eating Mexican or Thai food with my people, listening to a podcast, or creating a charcuterie board. While photography is a passion of mine, above it is my passion for Jesus and making His name known. I desire to use this skill He has gifted me with as a means of glorifying Him and displaying the beauty that is all of His creation.